My role models growing up in New York were older kids, many of whom I got in trouble with. The wannabe gangsters with the big gold chains and gold teeth, the rappers, the DJs, the occasional baseball stars, but even those guys appeared in the news for some trouble or another. I was a young kid writing my own rules, living la vida loca, going nowhere fast.

What does this have to do with leadership you ask? Well, before continuing, I wanted to give you a quick background so that you can connect the dots.

For the past 4 years my involvement in the network marketing profession has allowed me to be exposed to different types of leadership. Today I get to work with one of the best in the game. Calvin Becerra and Team Momentum are recognized at a global scale not only within my company but in the entire industry.


I have learned valuable lessons from the greatest. Leaders like Randy Schroeder, Brig Hart, Steve and Gina Merritt, Scott Lewis, Brian Fanale, Ray Higdon to name a few.

These men have directly and indirectly affected me in a positive manner. Not just with their business acumen but also with their own life stories of overcoming obstacles which have inspired me to overcome the limitations that used to roam in my own mind.

I have invested thousands of dollars in flying around the country to hear people of this caliber speak and help me develop a foundation of personal growth. Olympian athletes, authors and CEOs of billion dollar companies are who I look up to now. I’ve read more books these past 4 years than in my previous 20 and have taken more notes than ever. Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Stephen Covey are some of my co-pilots I constantly listen to in the car.

Another way I like to surround myself with people who demand the best of me is by serving my community through local organizations such as the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce where I served for two years and most recently also by serving on the Board of Directors at Jacksonville Sister Cities Association.

My mind is constantly being brainwashed clean from all the junk and mental viruses it downloaded along the way.

I’m just getting started. My hope is that you and I take this leadership journey together. A life-long commitment to growth in all areas. I heard somewhere that your paycheck will never exceed the level of leadership and value that you bring to the marketplace.

So game on! Whether it’s online or in person, you have something to offer us and we have something to offer you. Let us bring that together!

leadership team


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