It was about 15 years ago when my journey in marketing began. I used to pass out flyers promoting nightclubs in the cold streets of New York back in 1999.

The gig was was fairly simple for me at the time. I was a notoriously frequent attendee at some of the most infamous clubs of Manhattan and I knew the right people. And if I didn’t know you, I would make sure to introduce myself if you were somebody.

First lesson I learned was that if I wanted more people to get on my guestlist so that I get paid more money, then I was gonna have to figure out a way to get my name well known in the scene.

I would spend countless hours putting thousands of labels with my name and contact info on invitation flyers, one by one peel and stick.

For reduced admission before 12 ask for DannyNyce Guestlist at the ropes.”


I would sometimes hit up the late crowd after freezing my butt in Times Square past 3-4 a.m. These people were so partied out that most of my fliers with my neatly placed label on them would end up in the muddy mixture of slush and dirt. My flyers literally would fly off off the hands of a club-goer only to be stepped on or kicked by another one.

My strategy had to change. I knew I could improve my numbers during the weekend by bringing more guests. It was easy money and I was making it doing what I loved the most at the time.

The internet made things more efficient for me. I was posting on every forum that had a good following. Clubplanet, NightclubCity and ClubZone to name a few. Funny how I just did a Google search and there I am. Some of my old invitations from 13 years ago still exist in cyberspace.

I branded myself the best I could. Business cards, online forums, I wanted my name printed on the flyers now, forget the sticky labels! But one thing that really got my name to ring bells on dance floors from Midtown to the Lower East Side was my ability to provide excellent customer service. Skipping the line privileges, frequently greeting my guests at the doors and hooking up my VIPs with drink tickets, bottle tickets and even limousine rides was what helped me stand out from the rest.

During that very same time I worked at a marketing research company near Chelsea in Manhattan. Chelsea has always been an interesting neighborhood. Some of the night spots where I promoted events where walking distance from my daytime job.

I would sit in front of my work station looking at print and internet ads gathering data and learning copy. My headphones would blare out loud electronic beats as I sat there reading catchy headlines by some of the most creative marketing teams in the world.

Basically, by this time I am learning some good old guerrilla marketing through my nightlife promoter gig while learning the art of advertising during my daytime job at the office. Both in the fast-paced, dog-eat-dog environment of the Big Apple, the advertising capital of the world.

Jacksonville, FLFast forward about 5 years, many jobs and a few failed business ventures in between. From the hustle and bustle of New York City to the sea breeze and palm trees of the Sunshine State. Now I’m living in Florida and I get a phone call from a trusted friend telling me to check out this business deal. It was network marketing.


employeeI knew for a fact there was a better way than trading hours for dollars or than being a solopreneur. It took time however. I didn’t just have a light bulb light up above my head. I had to go through failure after failure, hardship after hardship in order to really investigate and gather some facts. There were people earning a really good living in this challenging economy and I had to know how.


network marketingOnce I got involved in network marketing it felt like I had made a smart move. Even when money was tight I knew that I could grow into a successful entrepreneur. I knew that I had found a system where I could apply some simple principles, sharpen other talents and I was on my way.

Another lesson learned was that business is hard! I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that it’s easy and that you have to do no work, put no effort and your revenue will skyrocket. In fact, beware of that pitch. If it was easy and it required no effort, it will probably be illegal. This is not a get rich overnight plan. It’s not a lottery!

ecommerceIt didn’t take a genius to observe and understand that with technology nowadays, and when used the right way, network marketing professionals are automating some of the process and dynamics of the business model. Most companies don’t teach the distributor force the use of the internet to grow their business. Some others are already adapting some techniques available today and are encouraging the use of internet based tools to make more effective presentations, product demos and team trainings which are key for the performance of a productive network marketing team.

I’ve made a commitment to follow not only those who have achieved the elite ranks in this space, but also to follow and learn from those who have embraced this game changing principle which is to leverage the power and reach of the internet to grow our audience.

My freelance practice has now grown into a digital marketing agency that caters to brands that are looking to diversify their audience. I now serve brands locally and abroad and have been invited to be a contributor to colleague's e-learning platforms.

Welcome to my journey as I grow from club promoter passing out flyers in the streets to a digital marketing agency owner.

See you at the top!




I develop Smart Automation Systems designed to humanize your brand, increasing your Customer's Lifetime Value and converting strangers into Loyal Brand Ambassadors.

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