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When you hear me speak, it won’t be long until you start to notice that I use different types of sports references within my lingo. It’s not that I spend a lot of time in front of the TV watching sports. Maybe I did at some point when I didn’t make the best use of my time.

Growing up in New York I used to waste countless hours in front of the television watching baseball games, basketball games, soccer games, watching highlights on SportCenter, then talking about the latest game by the water cooler at the office. Then when I moved to Florida it was Nascar. Same old mentality of celebrating other team’s wins or allowing my weekend to be ruined by one of “my” team’s latest defeat.

network marketing sports analogies

That is no longer the case. Even though I have little interest in watching sports at this point in life, or at least wasting precious hours that could be invested in something more valuable, sports analogies is something that I use to get myself and my team jacked up. After all, every business especially the home based business is one that thrives on good team dynamics.

So, here are 3 sports analogies that you can apply for yourself and your network marketing team starting today in order to increase productivity, comradery and results.


In almost every team there’s gonna be that player who knows the playbook inside and out but is unwilling to be on the starting lineup. He or she wants to call all the shots but isn’t willing to get their new sneakers dirty. They are quick to point to the missed pass but didn’t wanna look uncomfortable should they be on the field.

Time and time again I see unsupportive spouses sitting way up on the nosebleed sections yelling at their teammates about a missed shot.

There are also those sidelines all-stars who waste precious time analyzing the comp plan, the science of the products, the statistics of the company, the horoscope of their sponsors, etc.

It’s time to stop the procrastinating, the analyzing, the evasive behaviors and get your head in the game already! Get on the field, call the shots, make the plays and be Most Valuable Player for your network marketing team already!

There is no greater example of leadership than taking action even when there’s fear and uncertainty about the result you’re trying to get. Your team is watching!



We all can get so enchanted by the rewards of what a successful network marketing opportunity can offer. The cars, the trips, the cruises, the 6-7 figure earnings and so on.

We want to sponsor the next superstar that can take our business into the stratosphere and we neglect the development of our own personal skills. We want to reach the Super Duper Triple Crowne Royal Black Diamond rank in 3 months in the business without helping the first recruit make his or her first presentation.

My point is, you can’t win the Super Bowl without first winning some games. You can’t win a game without scoring some points. You can’t score some points without moving the ball up the field and getting some first downs. You can’t get any first downs without gaining some yards. And you will definitely, most certainly will not gain any yardage without attending practice and getting hit hard in the process.

Get my point?

Hit your targets, whatever that means in your home based business. In network marketing we have some very common ones. Prospect, prospect, prospect, sponsor one. Sponsor one, help that one prospect and sponsor another. Repeat. Conduct a webinar for your team, then show up on one of your leader’s webinars. Hand the baton of leadership until you see your team soar.

But never stop hitting your targets.


eyes on the ball

I could write so many blog posts about this one analogy alone, but I’ll keep it super generic. It doesn’t take a genius, or for the sake of this article, it doesn’t take an All-Star to understand this principle.

“Keep your eyes on the ball.”

Take your eyes off the ball and what happens? You’re gonna strike out. You’re gonna drop the pass, you’re gonna miss the penalty shot or the easy lay-up.

Same goes with your network marketing business. You’ve sponsored a few teammates, you made a few sales and then you took your eyes off the ball. You stopped hitting your targets, you’ve become cocky and stopped playing the game altogether and became another cheerleader on the sidelines.

Keeping your eyes on the ball means you can’t go and get distracted by nonsense news or gossip. It means less time with leisure and more time on the field. As I type the ending of this blog post there is a notorious international cycling finale in Europe. I have been getting alerts on my phone as I am part of a group chat every time a certain cyclist takes the lead or whatever it is they celebrate about.

I can’t help but ponder, do I really have the time to waste and celebrate another meaningless win?

Does it affect my family, my business, my bank account?

See you at the top!

sports analogies for network marketing




The Biggest Mistake People Make In Network Marketing

If you have gotten a drift of where the articles on my blog come from, you might have already noticed that I write from my own personal experiences. From failures as well as from wins. From victories as well as from defeats. Let's just call all the failures lessons. Not only does it sound better, but that's what they truly are.

As Thomas Edison once said,

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” 

I'm not sure of how many ways I have proved myself wrong in my network marketing journey, but I did attend a high school named after Thomas Edison in New York. A school from which I got kicked out twice! True story. It wasn't that I was an unruly student, or a poor learner. I simply lost interest in wanting to take classes that in order to get a passing grade I needed to memorize useless facts. Probably one of the most valuable things I inherited from attending that specific school was the stubborn entrepreneurial spirit of Thomas Edison.


Now, I won't go and write a “Top 10,000 Ways To Fail In MLM” blog post. Plus I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in reading such a thing. But let's assume you did everything by the book. And I mean EVERYTHING you needed to succeed in the network marketing space. Let's just cover a few basic old school steps just for the purpose of this post: You made a list, you showed the plan, you followed up, you conducted new member orientations, etc.

dead end marketingIf you did everything by the book, the biggest mistake a network marketing rep can make in my opinion is to think that he or she IS the company. That he or she IS the product.

Let me explain. Again, coming from my own personal experience. I began my network marketing journey with Company X. Company X was huge! It had all the bells and whistles. Fastest this, fastest that, we had all the hats, the t-shirts, the business cards, the branded tools with the logos, the pens, the car decals, I mean, we were a walking and driving billboard for the company. We used to chant in our meetings “I am Company X!” Some of the t-shirts even said that very quote. Some hard liners used to say “I bleed purple!“.

Did I just give away what Company X is? Or should I say, WAS?

biz closedThose of you who have been in the game know that Company X ceased to exist. From being a giant in the industry, to becoming so deeply in debt that Company Y came and swallowed what was left of it and imposed their own products, their own culture, their own comp plan, people who were starting to emerge as leaders felt like the rug was pulled right from under them. Cars were repossessed, teams dissolved and dreams were shattered.

The very identity of those who claimed “Company X for life” was lost! Those who said “Last thing, last time” lost all credibility. Making excuses for the leadership, some of these people who I still admire and look up to were preaching how the move was a good move. Where are they now? Most of them are with different companies today, a few true grinders weathered the attrition and others want nothing to do with network marketing ever again.

In this business you have to roll with the punches. Products get discontinued, technology evolves, compensation plans get restructured, entire companies get wiped out, and ultimately people get hurt. The same people who helped build these multinational brands are sometimes the same people who go and discredit a specific company or worse, the entire network marketing industry.

So what's the solution?

Young stylish businessman touching virtual interface button. Pillar of transparent blue light. Future bio style interior on background. Interfaces collection.

I'm not gonna claim that I have the solution for all the things that occur in this industry at the corporate level. I don't have ties with the decision makers at the respective regulatory entities. But I can certainly tell you what you and I as an independent micro-entrepreneur must do to give our families, our teams and our dreams a better shot.

“Companies come and go. Brand yourself”

image-business-cardYou are the brand! You are the added value! We've heard this many times, yet we have failed to let it really sink in. People join people. Engrave that in your mind, write it on your vision board. You do have one, right? Carve it on your thigh! The biggest players already know this. They have branded websites with their own domain names, they have created their own trainings, they conduct their own webinars, they blog, they have YouTube channels, online sales funnels, they generate leads through organic traffic and paid advertisement. They brand themselves!

It took a while for me to embrace this concept. I once too bought into that old school philosophy of not using outside tools to properly market my home based business if said tools did not have the company's logo on it. It wasn't just by theory that I learned, but by falling hard and scraping my knees in the process. By trying to rebuild a team that was already sore from company politics. I learned the hard way, as most of us do.

online-marketingBut just like Thomas Edison, we've finally found what works! Branding yourself as You, Inc., is the pain killer to the pain that exists within our niche. Millions of network marketing professionals are now thinking outside of that box and stepping into their unlimited potential. Not just by having a Facebook page or a fancy logo, but by providing value that addresses the challenges of our industry.

Imagine being able to help not just those in your downline, but people in all types of home based business and getting compensated for doing so!future-of-marketing

There you have it my friends. In a nutshell, that is the concept. As far as the formula and how you can also effectively brand yourself, there are many online marketing strategies that I will be covering in future articles. I promise to reveal what was revealed to me. From how to rank your videos on YouTube on the top search engines, to creating your own blog which is the hub to your brand. From writing persuasive copy to driving targeted online traffic to your own funnels, and much, much more.


FREE TRAINING: 95 Min. Video Exposes how Anyone Can Get .25 Cent Leads for ANY Business with FB Mobile Ads Platform.

Welcome to the rabbit hole. Like Neo in the Matrix, you now can make a choice. Build this thing the old school way, or do what top earners have already been doing but are afraid that the masses won't understand it.

See you at the top!

fly high

What Your Network Marketing Company Isn’t Teaching You

Throughout my journey in network marketing, I have been exposed to some of the most successful leaders in the industry. The lessons I've learned thus far have been very valuable and have positioned me where I am today. Lessons that have come from failing repeatedly without taking my eyes off the bigger picture. I am deeply grateful for all those individuals who paved the way in the network marketing industry, inside and outside of the company we started with.

Having said that, I have discovered many common challenges that people who join this promising industry face. These are every day people who have opened their eyes to a network marketing opportunity being offered through a product or service but have zero experience about marketing.

Yes, these companies tell us to write on paper a list of everyone we know and have come into contact with,  to share the product, talk about its merits, talk about the founders, play the video, follow up and recruit. Leaders make it seem so simple, and it could be. But the fact is that we as network marketing newbies, begin to verbally vomit on people.

verbal vomit

Over-excited participants start bugging friends and family first. They become the know-it-alls about certain field. Overnight nutritionists, environmentalists, economists and all types of experts start to emerge out of nowhere. And I don't say with a negative ounce of intent in my heart. These are good willed people who saw something significant within their own network marketing company. Maybe they found results in a certain product and are eagerly wanting to prescribe it to others. Perhaps they heard a story of success from someone that resonated deep within their core.

All of the above were true in my quest.

What I learned, however, is that there is no marketing strategy in anything I mentioned so far on this article. Zero! At least not in today's overly saturated network marketing world. What worked in the past does not work today. At least not as fast or efficient. This is a game of numbers but unfortunately network marketing companies teach very little about true marketing.


The very basic principles about marketing aren't taught. Things like identifying your target audience. We were preached that everyone who is breathing is our target market and needed our product. False statement right there. We were told to stay away from promoting on the internet. To not read or buy tools that didn't have the company logo on it. Really?!

I was so naive. If you noticed on my opening paragraph, I wrote that I am grateful for the lessons. But if I wasn't so naive and stubborn when someone introduced me to the concept of properly leveraging the power of the internet, I would have impacted many more people by facilitating the tools that I use today.

Now, let's dive into some of the marketing principles that more than likely your network marketing company is not teaching you.

Attraction Marketing – The concept of driving qualified prospects to you and your offers.

Online Lead Generation – Driving traffic to your website without spamming your social channels.

Search Engine Optimization – Making your content visible on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Online Sales Funnels – How to make money from the people who say no.

Branding – Companies come and go. You are the brand!

Retargeting – Follow your prospect around on their social network.

Automated  Sales – Set it and forget it.

These are just some of the basic marketing principles that work in today's noisy digital marketing world and that unfortunately are being neglected by the industry.


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The best news is that you don't need to be super techy to implement these tools. Do you have internet access? Do you have a smart phone? Chances are you do. So take a closer look at the system that opened my eyes so wide I couldn't sleep at night. It's not only a system, it's a community as you're about to discover.

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