Branding yourself is much more than having a cool logo and a catchy tagline. In today's noisy digital world you are competing for attention.

But just like in the real world, you're not just looking for the next pick-up line. You need to be attentive of the signals that the marketplace is throwing at you.

Here are 3 skills that will put your digital marketing into another orbit so that you can actually identify with your audience and build long-term relationships.




While there are many seasoned copywriters in our space right now, for 4 years I was exposed to some of the most talented creative copy at the time by working at a marketing agency in Manhattan.

Master your copywriting. Seduce your customers to buy with persuasive words that speak into their most innate need to avoid pain. Speaking to your audience through headlines, tweets, content marketing strategy, calls to action, email subjects lines with the language that matters to them will give you an edge.

Your offers will be better received when you lead with value-rich content that addresses the specific challenges of your audience.

People are cautious about who they follow because of all the fluff and hype in our space so don't be afraid of showing emotion or being vulnerable and asking for advice.

Think of a farmer mentality, instead a hunter mentality


This is my friend Bert Bledsoe, He is a farmer in real life. Online and offline!

Nurture and cultivate your audience, your job is NOT to “search and destroy” your “leads”.

You wouldn't tell a girl you love her on the first date.

Don't be that guy..

Understand the psychology of human behavior and stimulate what triggers people to make a purchase decision. People, you and I make decisions based on emotions, not logic.

Think about that for a second..

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Basically every type of interaction you have with your audience you better be gathering feedback and data. It's social listening, you have to be keen to your audience ever-changing needs and pivot accordingly,

If you don't someone else will. That simple.

Anticipate your audience's main concerns, destroy their limitations and paint the bigger picture. Understand their hurdles and show them how to overcome them.

Hijack your prospect's mind by addressing their questions and objections before they even formulate and believe their own excuses.

Redirect their thought patterns in a positive manner by painting them the bigger picture of what THEY want and what can be made possible with your product or offer.

The cost objection is always in your prospect's mind. Whether you are using video or a written sales letter, or if you're doing a presentation it's your job to be adding value during the proposition of your product or service.

Stack it up so high that in the mind of the prospect they'll see the price so low compared to all the value and bonuses that you are offering if they take action right now.



danny monzon

Know who you are talking to. I like to get on LinkedIn to see if I can find my prospect and his/her profile. Know your prospect better than your product.

What similarities do I have with this individual aside from the fact that we agreed to meet upon a certain common outcome?

What dissimilarities do I bring to the table that can be of added value to this team? What's the angle?

One of the best ways to tap into the subconscious mind of people is by telling stories. Whether it's your own story or borrowing someone else's story but make sure it's genuine.

Speak in metaphors.

Know who your target audience is. Who is in front of you? What type of language is appropriate. Storytelling is key.

Know what your audience is searching for. Enter the conversation that is already happening in their mind.

Are you still with me?

Know what you are offering in order to solve their needs. Find their pain, twist the knife and offer the cure (benefit), not the drug (product).

That was a metaphor, did you catch that?

Know who your competitors are and how you stand out from the rest. What's your story?

As you, my intuitive reader might already have figured out, these 3 skills are 3 circles that overlap each other, have their own uniqueness, but are inseparable.


Copywriting Mastery – Master the art of seductive, persuasive, hypnotic copywriting.

Keyword Suggest Tool – Social listening tool.

Growth Hacking Tool For Content Marketing – Use the Questions Only feature to find what people are searching for within a certain combination of keywords.

Headline Analyzer Tool – Analyzes the emotional impact of your headlines.

Happy marketing!




  1. I think the most obvious one would be to take “Step 1” further and deliver dinner to the influential locals…everybody likes free food and I’m sure that extra step would have an awesome ROI.

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