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by Jenny Monzon

A lead magnet is just what it sounds like.

Once you've created brand awareness, you'll need to generate leads by creating an irresistible offer containing valuable information, usually content that can help solve a problem your prospects have, that they can get their hands on in exchange for their contact information.

Some examples are free educational guides, free trial periods, e-books, cheat sheets, swipe files, templates, coupons, quizzes, webinars and case studies.

And YES, you absolutely need lead magnets to attract customers to your business, products and services.

OK. But how do I create a captivating lead magnet?

As mentioned above, there are different types of lead magnets so depending on which one you decide to create for your business, you may need high quality images and text, the right tool or platform such as Canva for an infographic, Microsoft Word for a checklist, Zoom app for a webinar, etc., and of course you’ll need a bit of creativity!

Some key things to keep in mind is that people want things easy and now. So give them what they want.

Be specific in your offer. What solution do you have for their problem?

An email address seems like a small price to pay for something that will make their life easier, doesn’t it?

Your lead magnet should be high quality and professional.

Just because it's free doesn't mean it should look or feel it.

Don’t be afraid to really deliver and giveaway high value, knowledge and information but make it easily consumable at the same time.

You've got their attention, now you want them to be wowed,  stick around and become a paying customer of your products and services.

Got it?

OK. But what if I don’t have the time to create an e-book? What if I’m not ready to do a webinar right now? What if I don’t feel creative enough?What if I just don’t want to create one myself?

Thankfully, there are systems out there that have already made, done-for-you lead magnets that you can offer to your audience.

I recommend My Lead System Pro (MLSP), an online community that provides up-to-date educational trainings, webinars, affiliate products and resources to help your brand win online.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Step-by-step PDF + Video to Create Your 1st E-Book Even if You're Brand New (free tools included)

Bonus Tip:

When a prospect opts-in to your lead magnet, that is gives you their contact information for your content, you can hit them with a low-dollar (less than $20) offer on the Thank You page to convert them into a customer right away!

And that, my friend, is an initial customer acquisition! 

Ready to start generating those leads?

Let's get to work!


When Facebook Messenger was first released we thought about it as an unnecessary, pesky little app that invaded our privacy and many people didn't even bother downloading it.

Today, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide, that number is going to nearly double by 2019, according to Statista.

Now, this isn't the latest marketing gimmick of the month. Facebook's newest functionality is changing the way you can market your business.


fb messenger mktng

Imagine being able to automatically subscribe your Facebook contacts on Messenger without having them fill out a form.

To really understand what Facebook Messenger Marketing truly is, think about as three components which you are likely to be already implementing on different platforms.

Let me explain.

MARKETING – Educate, Inform, Entertain, Build Value.

You're already doing this on Facebook. With Messenger, you can do all of this within the Messenger app environment.

SALES – Engage. Qualify. Close. Up-sell.

If you are an internet marketer, you are likely to be using opt-in forms, landing pages and VSL's.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Post sale. Reputation Management.

Currently, you are probably using autoresponders and email sequences to continue to engage with your audience. Most of the functions of an autoresponder are now being automated with Messenger chat bots but you gotta set it up the right way.

Video tutorials and chat-bot demo included as you scroll down.

So, in recap: Messenger Marketing can shorten the lead to sale process, and I think this is genius!



Messenger is an amazing tool for brands to communicate with their customers. Here's why:

Email open rate has been on a steady decline. Even spammers are not getting the return they're used to. All while FB Messenger users are on the rise.

Statistic: Marketing e-mail open and click rates in the United States in 2016, by degree of personalization | Statista

I don't mean to bore you with graphs but numbers tell a story.

Emails aren't being opened!

Statistic: E-mail usage growth in the United States from 2013 to 2019 (in millions) | Statista

According to Sensor Tower, worldwide iOS and Android downloads of Facebook Messenger grew 5.66% from 145.3 million in Q1 2016 to 153.5M in Q1 2017.

This is current, fresh out of the oven data right here!

OK, last graph, I promise..

Statistic: Share of global Facebook Messenger users who purchased a product via mobile last month as of 3rd quarter 2016, by age group | Statista

If you're still reading this, you're a data driven marketer. Way to go!

In essence, your messages are being delivered within the Messenger environment where friends and family conversations take place, giving the end user a more intimate, cozy feel between them and your brand.

Arguably, the best form of communication is (was) face to face.

Think again..


Looks familiar? Yeah..


Similar to growing an email list, now you can grow a list of Messenger subscribers. With a single click and without filling out any forms people can now be subscribed to your messaging sequence.

FACEBOOK ADS INTEGRATION – Facebook has added Messenger as a traffic destination within your ads in the form of a call to action button that leads traffic right into Messenger. Pretty neat!

AUTOMATION – Automate some of your communications with bots in a way that enhances the user experience. You can have bots set up to ask a question, send a file, tag a contact, subscribe them to a messaging sequence and more!

WEBSITE OVERLAYS – Widgets that you can embed on your website or blog. I really dig this feature! You can use a simple headline or a fully customized opt-in form and landing pages with images, call to action buttons, etc.

SEGMENTATION – Need I say more? You can also broadcast specific messages to a specific segment within your Messenger audience by using tags, gender, location and other custom fields.

You can have a pre-sale conversation with your leads and take that conversation even further with existing customers after the purchase decision.

Furthermore, if you're a social media marketing manager and you help brands grow and engage their audience online, now you have another weapon on your arsenal. If you have an agency handling multiple accounts, you can designate people in your team to handle communications between the brand and its followers.

CHAT BOTS – ManyChat


Complete Messenger Marketing Course to Launch Chat Bots Here

So, whether you're a person interested in engaging your audience or a social media ninja managing multiple accounts, now you have another way to serve your audience and your clients.


Happy marketing!





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The formula seems fairly simple to follow: More customers, more sales, more profits.

But what if I told you that you can actually increase your bottom line with fewer customers?

Let me explain.

The potential for a customer isn’t just that one time purchase. What I see is unlimited earning potential by strategically developing and up-serving my existing customer so that he or she gladly is willing to spend more money with me and is more likely to continue reordering my products.

It's called Wallet Share.


The marketing term referring to the amount of the customers’ total spending that a business captures by selling its products and services. Make them so happy that they wanna buy more!

You've heard of marketshare, mindshare, now get real familiar with wallet share.

Here's the process:

  1. EXPOSE – Sell them something of value at a small cost. Get them in the door.
  2. INVOLVE – Invite them to be part of a community.
  3. UPGRADE – Additional products and services that could be of value to your customer.

Let's dive into each of these three steps a little further.


grow your audience

It's your opportunity to make a great first impression and show off your stuff. It's your time to shine baby!

You now have a prospect who has raised his hand interested in what you have to offer and now you must deliver. This should be in the form of a very good quality product at a no-brainer price. Maybe even a free offering or a sample, but it has to be top-notch.



Add value to your new customer's experience by inviting them to join a community. It is a primal instinct that people long to be part of something bigger than themselves. Invite them to watch testimonials, to join a Facebook group or subscribe to your YouTube channel or your newsletter.

Keep dripping new content in front of this new member of your tribe. Stay in touch with them, run contests, take polls, engage with your audience on multiple platforms without always trying to “sell them”.

UPGRADEupserve your audience


But wait, there's more..

Ever heard of the “up-sell”?

I like better to up-serve. Nobody likes to be sold.  So this one requires tact. It requires knowing your audience so well that you absolutely understand their needs even before they do and they see your products as must-haves.

This is where your customer is debating whether he or she would make a more significant transaction with you based on their previous sets of experiences in the first two steps.

The value provided by your offers NEEDS to exceed the price tag attached to it. Once you effectively illustrate the value vs. price ratio and your offers solves your customer's needs, the up-sell is imminent.

If you want more profits in less time with less people you have to always be developing that customer. It's the science of making your customer feel happy by spending more.

It costs way more money, more effort and more energy to acquire a new customer than it takes for an existing customer to spend more money with you if you get this right.


MLSP Header


Here's what I mean.

MyLeadSystem Pro is an internet marketing academy. By having access to this system now you can up-serve your existing audience. You now have a broader market and you have the latest tools for people building teams in different companies who are ready to take their game online like a pro.

For the past three years I have been a member of this community and by using some simple techniques online I've been able to generate targeted leads and affiliate commissions.

I meet more and more people flocking to MLSP, not to leave their current company, but to add value to their teams and to increase wallet share from an audience that extends beyond their downline.

It's worked for thousands of us. I'm not sure what it can do for you, but if you are also looking to increase the value that you provide to the marketplace, check out these links and take a 10 day test drive.


Our goal is to develop our customers to increase their wallet share. All we need to do is sell a small group of people everything they need that you can offer.

Ask yourself, what else do I have that can be of service to my clientele?

How can I better serve people?